Management Board

  Mari-Liis Rüütsalu
- Chairman of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Group since 01.01.2017
- Managing director of AS Ekspress Meedia 2015–2016
- Managing director of AS Delfi 2012–2015  
- Marketing and development director of AS Estravel 1998–2012
- Graduated from Eesti Majandusjuhtide Instituut in 1998 specializing in business administration and University of Tartu Pärnu College in 1995 specializing in entrepreneurship and business management

 Kasprar Hanni
- Member of the Management Board since 18.12.2017, Development Director of the Group
- Member of the board of the Estonian Business Angles Association since 2017
- Software Asset Management and Compliance Lead of Microsoft in Baltics 2015–2016
- Enterprise and Partner Group Lead of Microsoft in Baltics 2011–2015
- Graduated from Estonian Business School in 2002 with a degree in Business Administration and studied Information Technology at Tallinn University of Technology

Signe Kukin
- Member of the Management Board since 01.08.2018, Chief Financial Officer of the Group
- Chief Financial Officer of AS Merko Ehitus 2012–2017
- In various positions of United Utilities International Ltd in Estonia, Great Britain and the Arab United Emirates 2001–2011  
- Auditor at Deloitte 1997–2001
- Graduated from Tallinn University of Technology 1999 (diploma studies)
- Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – ACCA, Fellow Member – FCCA 2004