AS Ekspress Meedia

In 2015 Ekspress Grupp decided to merge AS Eesti Ajalehed and AS Delfi to one enterprise.

The main area of activity of AS Ekspress Meedia is running the newsportal Delfi and the publication of the biggest Estonian weekly newspapers -  Eesti Ekspress and Maaleht, as well as the publication of the quality daily newspaper Eesti Päevaleht.

The main mission for Delfi portal is to provide quality and agile news information to the major part of the society. Besides that, Delfi provides a wide range of additional services – e-mail, photo portal, classifieds, games, entertainment etc.

Eesti Ekspress is published since 22 September 1989 and is the flagship of Estonian investigating journalism. The journalists of Eesti Ekspress have won the biggest number of the investigating journalism award - the Bonnier Award.

Maaleht is a weekly paper that enjoys one of the largest and most stable readership bases in Estonia. Maaleht has been published since 1 October 1987, continuing the long tradition of the weekly newspaper for the Estonian rural communities.

Eesti Päevaleht has positive attitude towards life. The paper focuses on news and opinions, writes more about economy and less about politics. Eesti Päevaleht aims to differ from other newspapers and do not pursue the largest readership at any cost. Our goal is to be the first newspaper for positive and alert-minded people and to have the social characteristics of a friend and helper.

In addition to the newspapers, AS Ekspress Meedia also manages web publications and and publishes the magazines Maakodu and Maamajandus, as well as customer newsletters and books.

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