The share

Ekspress Grupp shares trade on the Tallinn Stock Exchange since April 5, 2007. The Tallinn Stock Exchange is a member of the world’s largest exchange company NASDAQ OMX Group.

As of 31.12.2011, the Group’s share capital is EUR 17 878 105, which consists of the shares with the nominal value of EUR 0.6 each. All shares are of one type and there are no ownership restrictions. The Group does not have any shares granting specific controlling rights and the Group lacks information about agreements dealing with the restrictions on voting rights of shareholders. The articles of association of the public limited company set no restrictions on the transfer of the shares of the public limited company. The agreements entered into between the public limited company and the shareholders set no restrictions on the transfer of shares. In the agreements concluded between the shareholders, they are only known to the company to the extent related to pledging of securities and that is public information.   

Information on listed ordinary shares 

Issuer Ekspress Grupp (EEG)
Nominal value0.60 EUR
Total number of securities29,796,841
Number of listed securities29,796,841
Listing date05.04.2007