Raul Raat

Ekspress Meedia - Developer
Working since 2007

I started in 2007. To me, it seemed like a good company to develop and learn –  it was tempting to create a major site with heavy traffic and not to make “welcome to my website” sites with 30 visitors per week.

My main duties are back-end development of new services and tools as well as upgrades of old systems. And on the front-end side, development of advertising and special solutions. Also management of new recruits, and detection of system errors and their correction.

I like my job because:

Variety – on different days, the content of work may vary hugely.

Colleagues – some of the brightest people of Estonia work here and (part) of our architecture and systems are at a very high level.

Feedback – when it is possible to develop a tool internally that will help solve a problem or reduce or automate a job, it is apparent that your work has helped your colleagues or when to fulfil some partners’ ideas – when performing front-end tasks, it is good to see that many people (for example, friends and acquaintances) notice it.

We are tight-knit large family.