Riho Nagel

Delfi - Reporter/editor
Worked since 2015

I started to work at Ekspress Meedia in November 2015. While making a politics programme on Tudeng TV, I had already got an idea of what journalism was all about and how this works should be done. I chose Ekspress Meedia because this company seemed to be the most interesting one for me, editorially independent and providing many opportunities.

I currently work as a reporter and daily editor of daily news (Delfi and EPL). As a reporter I write news stories on various topics but it is the politics that fascinates me the most. As a daily editor I coordinate Delfi’s news flow and the front page.

What I like most about my job is its diversity and an opportunity to learn something new every day. Last but not least is the opportunity to be in the centre of everything important that is happening in the society.

Ekspress Meedia is keeping pace with digital trends and we are paying more attention to the content in the online world. This is characterised by various new online solutions, such as appropriate but nicely formatted charts, interactive solutions and strong video content.

Five years from now, the company will have mostly moved online and more emphasis will be laid on solutions that work online. However, paper periodicals will still be there.

I recommend that those who wish to start working at Ekspress Grupp, definitely give it a try, but also think whether they have their seatbelts fastened and are ready for the fastest but also the most educational ride of their lives.