Ekspress Meedia received recognition from the Estonian E-Commerce Association

Ekspress Meedia has implemented large projects in collaboration with the Estonian E-Commerce Association – from web formats to large conferences. For this, Ekspress Meedia received the title of the best cooperation partner from the Estonian E-Commerce Association.

The Estonian E-Commerce Association recognised Delfi for supporting the e-commerce area and being it best cooperation partner in 2020. Tõnu Väät, the CEO of the Estonian E-Commerce Association outlined the key reasons why Ekspress Meedia earned this title: “Delfi was the portal to most eagerly publish e-commerce related articles and news, and in addition, supported the area with several campaigns and embraced the ideas that at first seemed crazy. For example, Delfi helped arrange the campaign “Purchase from Estonian E-Stores” at the start of the pandemic and recently the voting environment “The Favourite E-Store of the Estonians in 2020” where more than 20 500 people voted. Not to mention their help with organising the E-smaspäev (E-Monday) campaign. Delfi often pitched in without expecting anything in return, simply wishing to support the Estonian companies. This was the reason why the Management Board of the association representing almost 360 Estonian e-companies overwhelmingly chose Delfi to show its appreciation.”

“Ekspress Meedia supports an open, informed and digitally advanced society and in this respect cooperation the Estonian E-Commerce Association is especially logical and effective as the latter promotes the development of the most important field in Estonia,” noted Argo Virkebau, the Chairman of the Management Board of Ekspress Meedia. “For us, it is extremely important that we are able to make our contribution to digitalisation of commerce and promotion of more convenient buying solutions for consumers. In the conditions of the pandemic, an important change in the supply chain has helped people to arrange their lives in a more convenient and risk-free way. This has also directly helped to keep the Estonian society open and lower infection rates. I am sincerely appreciative of the possibility to be a partner to the association that is managed in a professional and systemic way!” concludes Virkebau.